Orca Engineering & Marine Ltd
81 View Road,
Rotorua, New Zealand.




Introducing our new machine, now available for cutting a large range of materials.

Cuts Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Wood etc.

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Scroll down for few examples of what this machine is capable of doing

16mm slate with text cut right through

Artistically cut memorial sawblade                                                              Carbon fibre aircraft dash panel

4mm MDF board                                                                         5mm Stainless Steel

70mm high text cut from 20mm Rimu and Mahogany in various styles.

These flowers are cut from 2mm stainless steel                        Our logo cut from 3mm aluminium            

The bigger flowers are cut from 10mm glass                               Our logo cut from 20mm mild steel        

Our logo cut from and inserted into a ceramic tile                A range of holes cut in 2mm aluminium sheet

                Our machine working                                    A sample of rock, aluminium inserted into the "W"

              This 90mm logo is cut from a ceramic tile                This pistol is 1600mm x 1200mm and cut from 100mm polystyrene

This plaque has been cut from 6mm steel, the engraving has also been done on the Waterjet cutter and is right through the 6mm.

The bike rack on the corner of Tutanekai and Eruera streets, Rotorua.

This machine is capable of cutting most materials and can fit sheets up to 4 metres X 2 metres

Orca Engineering & Marine Ltd
81 View Road,
Rotorua, New Zealand.

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